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One of the unique features of Notions11, is that you can receive an email notification when someone has opened your Notion link to access your content. This email will also inform you where the link was opened. This will give you valuable insights on who has opened your links and if it's opened in the country that you expected it to be opened. So let us show you how to do this on Notions11.

Important to know, is that this feature is only available for Pro users. If you like to receive access notifications on your Notions links, you need to upgrade your account to Notions11 Pro.

Once you have upgraded your account, you need to sign-in to your account and click on Manage Links on the top menu bar. This is where you can create new Notions11 links, or edit existing links. For this tutorial we will start by creating a new link.  Step 1 is to click on the 'Create New Link' button and paste your Notion link and click on Next. If you are not sure how to get a Notion link, you can read our blog "How to share a Notion link".

Enter your Notion link

If you want to can change the Notions11 URL and the password, or leave it as it is. Optionally you can also choose to set an expiration date on your link.
Now check 'Tracking and Analytics'. The first checkbox will track the recipient location so that you will know from which country your file was accessed. The second checkbox will enable email notification. As soon as someone has opened your Notions11 link, you will receive an email notifying you about this event.

Enable email notifications
Example of email notification
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