How to share a Notion link?




Not everyone knows how you can actually share a page in Notion with other people, just by sharing a link to that page. We will now show you how it's done.
First of all, open the page in Notion that you want to share and then click on the 'Share' button on the top right corner.

Next step is that you click on 'Share to web' and set your permissions. When you are done, just click on 'Copy Link'  in the bottom right corner.  You have now saved your Notion link to your clipboard and can paste it elsewhere to share it with other persons.

But before you start sharing your link, you might want to add a password first. Even if you have granted access to specific users, it is advisable to protect the link with a password. Fortunately you can do this with Notions11 :)
Just paste your link on the Notions11 homepage and click on Next.

Then click on Confirm and Save and you will see your simple Notions11 URL and the password to your link.

IMPORTANT:  If you have not registered at Notions11, you can not manage your link afterwards. It's recommended to sign-up for a free account, so that you are able to retrieve and manage your links afterwards.

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